Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wet-Dry Bow

The weather here is giving me more trouble than I initially thought. My nose has been clogged with blood for 3 weeks. But blowing it would cause more bleeding - so now I have to breathe through my mouth. This brings a new set of problems - starting with a dry throat.

Then there is the smell of dried blood, which is very similar to that of rotting meat. Two huge stinky booger-like clumps blocking the air passageway like the magic rock in Ali Baba. (Too bad there is no 'Open sesame!'.) My olfactory sense is now so screwed.



sugarami said...

nose bleed? you sure it's from the weather, not the chiobus?

ttw said...

As a nosebleed veteran, I can only recommend drinking lots and lots and lots of water... and perhaps also investing in a humidifier for sleeping.

SM said...

Have you seen a doctor?!