Friday, August 18, 2006

Scholar family backgrounds; Singapore commuters

I was in the car with my folks when I got to know that this year's batch of President scholars was announced late last week.

(Leaving aside the topic of how *shitty* some of these 'scholarships' can be...)

Question: How many of the President scholarships go to the lower income group(s)? Seemed to me the last several batches of them were all from privileged/upper middle class backgrounds.


Is it just me or are Singapore commuters generally unfriendly/unhappy? At the very least, smile if eye contact is made?


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Maybe they think you're weird or even perverted (if they are female) to make eye contact with and smile at them?

It just isn't common practice. Unfortunately.

Joseph said...

Yeah it isn't. My dollops of wonderful oh-i-will-melt-your-heart smiles are wasted on this batch of Singaporeans.

Maybe it has to do with the typical Asian reservedness that is ingrained in almost everybody.

smazh said...

You are back in SG?

I think Singapore commuters are just sian... hahaha. Seriously, I think in big cities it takes too much effort to smile at everyone, so most people just don't.

samuraibunny said...

i conducted a mini-experiment before .. only really old malay uncles and aunties will smile at you ..

experiment ended after an almost-encounter with a snarly ah beng