Sunday, August 20, 2006

Extremely Bored...

It is terrible, especially during the weekdays, with friends working and I have nothing much to do at home. Weekends aren't better.

Hmm...a week's break should be enough. Now I think I have taken too many days off. Too bad there is no BlogCon this year.

Sian, sian, sian!


Yesterday was spent at the Confluence 2006 Ministerial seminar with Teo Chee Hean. I think there were too many young, idealistic huns attending, and I felt old amongst them. (I also did not have the spiky hairstyle you see.) The earlier talk given by Lim Der Shing of was interesting and it was the only one in that session that did not make me fall asleep.

Hats off to him for taking the plunge into setting up his online business, and making it work.

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Press reports of that here.


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Heh... you know, re-reading Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being will keep you occupied for a fair bit of time.

>> I think there were too many young, idealistic huns attending, and I felt old amongst them.

So you are a senior citizen. I see.

Corporate Manwhore said...


I was also at Confluence. I actually went for the promise of free lunch!(& got decieved! Bastards!). Though the high tea food was good.

It's really, really just wayang. Particularly from Mr Moses Lin. Good points scoring though, he'll make a fine civil serpent. *chuckles*

I do agree that Lim Der Shing's talk is good though. Amongst the panelists, Tan Su Shan was also the most straight-forward. But since she's not a politican, so I guess sh e could afford to be so. Quite the lau-kway bu MILF too, hahaha. Lau Kway bu tonic is the best!

Corporate Manwhore

takchek said...

I am not old lah! But just that these folks aren't as cynical and jaded as me yet...

manwhore - I met several bloggers there too. Wayne Soon was one of the students who went up to ask a question during the Q&A session.

Corporate Manwhore said...

Yah, I heard Wayne Soon at the dialogue (he looks younger than I thought he would be. Amazing lad), talking abt whether liberal arts education should be encouraged in Singapore. Then TCH danced rheotorically around the question, trying hard not to give a definitive answer, but you know he's saying No. TSS was so much better.

I'm returning to Canada for my M.A.Sc(Chem Eng) in December. What's your thesis in? If there's intersection with your interests, we might be able to swap pointers. I'll be doing environment responsive membranes. Also have some interest in growing algae biomass for fuel purposes. Anything I said touched your interests? Drop me a mail ( if it did.

Corporate Manwhore