Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life is like a book...;Talkingcock in Parliament

Been home and have been going through my piles of stuffs. Rediscovered many items which I once considered very important but are now put aside and are gathering dust.

Like my secondary school autograph book. On the first page I wrote:



The responses (in the subsequent pages) were mostly very funny, and you know, the type that comes together with comical drawings and all that cheesy shit.


I went for the "Talkingcock in Parliament" session last night. It was a blast, and I particularly enjoyed Ruby Pan's piece on accents.

You can see some of the pics of the event from Ashke's entry. More here and here.

How very appropriate.

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runebab said...

Wah, chinese so cheem...

(although I remember you mentioning before that you hated your secondary sch chinese teacher...)

takchek said...

Yeah, I do hate the Chinese teacher. But the DHS days were the golden period for my command of the Chinese language.

I am not able to write anything like that now.

Peishan said...

wah cheem. hahah. ;)