Monday, March 17, 2008

Another geeky moment

Over the weekend, we were in a car driving towards our St. Patrick's Day destination. A fellow passenger (AP) was describing her recipe for baking chocolate muffins. I asked her about the type of chocolate that she used.

AP: No, it's not chocolate powder. It's like those you see coated on donuts in Singapore.
tk: Oh, you meant like nano-rods.
AP: OMG, you are so geeky! It's called chocolate rice, duh.

I am (still) amazed by my descriptions.

TEM image of gold nanorods, aka my description for chocolate rice


smazh said...


I might have said "Bacilli" or something, if I were really hard-pressed to describe it...

Katong Gal said...

Wow! You are right! Nano-rods do look like chocolate rice. Learnt something today. If only I knew what nano-rods were :-)