Sunday, September 09, 2007

I was labelled a nerd....:(

Friends from the company came over to my place for dinner and (board) games last night. We played 'Taboo' and 'Cranium'.


When it was my turn, one of the words I picked was 'saddle'. I couldn't say 'horse' or 'riding', and so I tried to lead my group by saying..."When you have y = x^3, what is the point at (0,0) called? Or the valley between two peaks in a 3D plot?"

They looked at me blankly. Then the time was up.

"It's a saddle point!"

"OMG, you are such a nerd!"

This came from a group of fellow engineers. Everyone started laughing.



My group rolled 'red', aka 'data head/fun facts'. The question was "So what two countries fought the War of 1812?"

Me: "US and UK."

"Do you memorize history books or something?"

Another question: "Which country is Timbuktu located in?"

Me: "Mali"

"Do you memorize the World Map?"

I suck big time for "Star Performer" though. I can't act, and I can't sing.


So what did you think of my responses to the games? Good right? I wonder why the others looked at me like I was nuts

S says:'s good..but usually people don't think like that.

S says:
hehe..I know! Go read this book "the know-it-all"

tk says:
and what about it?

S says:
the author attempted to read the entire encyclopedia britannica

tk says:

S says:
yah. Then you'll know why explaining facts like this is unorthodox

tk says:


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Hahahaha... that reminds me of playing Pictionary back in my undergrad days, with a group that has a significant number of math majors (the rest were experimental scientists). One of the words was 'neighborhood'. ALL the people who were doing the drawing at that time drew the x-y axes, colored a dot on the cartesian plane, and dotted a circle around that point. Only thing was that my pair was the only pair made up of entirely math majors, and that was the tiebreaker...

sunny flowery said...

Haha what a nerd. The trick about games like Pictionary and Taboo is to communicate on the same frequency as your team mates, know what they understand.

aglassofwine said...

haha, go read know it all. it's a hilarious book!

k3\/ said...

do i need to be a nerd to get into a good grad program?

teach me some of ur skills, takchek!