Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's Your Story?

I found this while web surfing randomly earlier. How many of you know your family history?

My great-great-grandparents (at least 8 of the 16 I inherited my genes from) immigrated to Singapore from Malaysia and Indonesia. This makes me a 5th generation Singaporean. On my dad's side, his ancestors were wealthy landlords who once owned multiple pig farms in Java, and whose grandfather was a well-known playboy who practiced polygamy, dropped out of RI (the equivalent of secondary school today) and nearly squandered the entire family fortune away. His son (my dad's father) became a Chinese bookshop owner, and attended the bastion of Chinese education on the island up to Sec 4. He was visibly upset when my folks told him his alma mater was not in my list of post-PSLE schools.

My paternal granny was one of the lucky few in her generation to go to school (the one with the all-white sleeveless uniform) with a maid in tow. She still blames the Japanese for cutting short her education and having to start a family while in her late teens.

One set of my mother's grandparents were grocers; I still remember I used to look forward to the visits to my great-grandfather's shop. He pampered the young ones. There seemed to be an almost endless supply of soft drinks, cakes and the likes available for us.

For the rest of the story, much of it has been said already.

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