Sunday, January 20, 2008

Icy Igloo; Girl and her guitar

It was unseasonably warm here when I arrived almost two weeks ago. My friend picked me up from the airport in T-shirt and berms. Imagine that! In Jan! Maybe Mother Nature realized this belatedly and this weekend saw the first significant snowfall for this region this year. Temperatures dipped well below freezing; even the area newscasters admitted the weather is unusually frigid.

This, plus the fact that the central heater for the dwelling has broken down, means that I have been reduced to living an Eskimo's lifestyle in my house. The space heater I have unfortunately is only good enough for my bedroom; even at maximum heat setting I go to sleep wearing 3 layers of clothes and under 2 layers of blankets, one of which a comforter.


New tenants have moved in to the unit below mine. For the last two nights a girl was singing and strumming the guitar. I don't know who she is, but her music made me sleepy. It has been almost TWO years since someone last had that effect on me.

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