Thursday, May 11, 2006

To my mum (and grannies)

This week, I would like to send flowers to a woman who matters in my life. However, I decided that it should only be one single rose but I am unable to deliver it personally. So, I asked a 'very good old friend' to do it for me.

I hope he makes you smile today as he did when your heart melted in Pretty Woman. (Yeah, I still remember that you refused to let me tag along when you went to watch with dad.) Don't worry, I will keep this from him. Hehe.

Lots of love
your son, tk

Yes, my mum digs Richard Gere.


To my grannies, I will get for you 費玉清's DVDs. :)

1 comment:

Peishan said...

your mum has good taste! i watched shall we dance twice just for this scene... well, not just, but i did pause that particular shot for a bit. hahha.