Monday, May 01, 2006

Intelligence Gathering???

Just thought I will do my bit as a Singaporean (even though I am overseas currently) - by posting something about the GE2006.

Someone forwarded this to me and asked: 'what does intelligence gathering mean?'

My take: I suppose intelligence gathering means going out to meet the constituents and try to figure out how they will vote. At the same time, go attend the other parties' political speeches and see if they can be sued for defamation etc.

What do you think?

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From: Nelson Goh
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Subject: Fw: Intelligence Gathering

Dear All,

We need your help on intelligence gathering. Please contact me or Keng Hee at if you are available during the campaign days.

Thanks and regards,

PS - In case you are wondering, I am not a member of YPAP. I would more likely be labelled by the powers to be as a radical, English-educated youth. I used to frequent their online forums when I was an undergrad for amusement when bored.

For those of you given the chance to vote on Saturday - This election is more than just HDB/lift/carpark/whatever upgrading, it is about the future of this country (at least until the next GE). Vote wisely!!! Every vote counts.

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xue said...

sounds so freaky! intelligence gathering! reminds me of Nazi Germany, where each block has an 'inspector' (?) who kept track of ppl in his area.