Monday, April 24, 2006

Ego Boosting/ Sian Char Boh sites; JC Principal's Opening Address

Something light hearted for a change.


Feeling down and want an ego booster? Then you should go to

All hail the mighty one! :P


Want to make this girl (or any girl) feel special?

Then you should say:


A certain JC principal's opening speech to the JC1s is a classic.


Peishan said...

wahahaha, awwww, i feel so special! thanks! :D

Peishan said...

heh, i sent the friend link to my friend, and this was her reply: "You really know how to make a girl happy. Haha.. Seriously, if you were a guy after me, I'd just swoon & fall into your arms now."

hmm, i wonder what the effect would be if i tried it on my guy friend....

takchek said...

Two extremes - either he would ask you out for dinner or he would shun you for the rest of his life.