Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Combining Speed, Power and Agility

that is Taekwondo (and most of the other Martial Arts schools).

Watching this promotional video is making me feel nostalgic and wanting to take up the sport again. It was a pity I stopped after JC. (I started in primary 4.)

*Sigh*, now I don't think I have that kind of flexibility.

Greatest achievement? Getting that 1st Poom (with the conversion to 1st Dan in JC days), and mentoring the junior members.

My first instructor was a Tay fellow, and we used to think he was cool as he would drive up to the community center in his bike wearing his TKD uniform with this 'beng' pair of sunglasses. He reminded me of 'Ryu' of the Street Fighter series. But more importantly we respected (and were in awe) of his speed, power and agility when it came to sparring. It was only later that we got to know he was a 3rd Dan. His jumping side and front kicks were legendary and woe to the other party on the receiving end.

Now the STF has changed its logo. I used to have this sewn on my left shoulder sleeve.

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Sparrings were always nice (and *exciting*), especially during the 'gradings' that used to be held in Toa Payoh Sports Hall where we would be assigned partners strangers from other training centers/schools. Wearing that groin guard was something that I hated but necessary, since some idiots were always kicking below the belt. :P

Wong Liang Ming was the most well-known TKD exponent in my days, and she would drop by our center on some days for supervision of our trainings. She was one of my first crushes. Heh heh.

Some basic TKD commands (that I used frequently):

Attention: Charyot (I pronounced as cho-di-yo)

Bow: Kyung-rae (Ki-on-ae)

Ready/Sparring Stance: Joonbi

Rest: Sho

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