Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you list declined honors/fellowships/scholarships on your CV/resume?

I wonder the rationale of people listing the fellowships/scholarships that they declined. Is it show that they are smart? Or arrogant?

I came across 2 examples (anonymously of course):

Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 199X-200X
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (declined for Hertz award), 199X


XX University Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship, 200X - 200Y
Singapore National Science (PhD) Scholarship (declined for Presidential Fellowship), 200X

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jx said...

both. then again its just to show that you have got recognition for your achievements. much like how many people like to put down on their cv "nominated for xxx"..

(: wonderful job. im a fan from your home country (well if you still consider the little red dot your home)