Friday, July 18, 2008

F-king word play (on a friday)

From the MSN conversation with A, who prefers to call herself HG:

HG: sigh, and I kinda like this other guy... but since I've graduated, probably won't see him much anymore. Lately been wondering if I should ask him out

tk says:
fuck him lah

HG says:

tk says:

HG says:
not so fast bah hahaha

tk says:

HG says:
I don't even know if he has a gf or not... he never talks about his love life. hahahah. And I'm kinda not the person to ask. Hmm, this is going to be difficult. haha

tk says:
Doesn't matter right. Just go for it. Fuck the other girl, if she exists

HG says: >_< I just want the guy. hahah. I don't think he's attached though. Nobody else has heard of a gf

tk says: Not fuck the other girl literally

HG says: lol. I know.

tk says: But ask her to scram. lol

HG says: hahahhahahahah

tk says: fuck in these cases, have multiple meanings

HG says: Wonderful word. hahah

tk says: Yup. One of the most wonderful words in the English language.

HG says: lol. Versatile too!

tk says: Exactly

I first came across this when I was in BMT more than a decade ago. Self-explanatory.

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