Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winter Party 2007

The company will be holding its Winter Formal tonight. We were strongly encouraged to bring along a partner, but I have nobody to invite. She has already left. The current blog header picture is a penthouse view of the resort (where the Ball will be held).

The stuff of fairy tales.

I guess I will be one of those standing by the sides watching others dance.


In college I remember getting emails and paper notices from the student government inviting us for the Winter Formal. "A chance to ask your date out for a dance!" The flyers screamed. But I was in a long distance relationship.

So while the Formal was held in the Union Hall, I would trudge up the steps of the Capitol to see the Holiday Tree alone.

Outside the Union Hall

View of the Holiday Tree

Tree Lighted up

Current music: Pachelbel's canon in D major


Anonymous said...

我时常看你的blog,也许寂寞,也不时常出门。你的blog很有趣!很有意思。我的大学没你的漂亮。很好听的一首歌,我也常弹canon in D! Goodnight.
Conte de fee

aglassofwine said...

haha, when i first saw the picture of katie leung i did a double take. your date?!? haha.

so how was the party?

takchek said...

I wish! Haha.

Stood around and watched others dance.

Y said...

When's your party again? Oddly enough, I also have a holiday party to go to early next year and I'm supposed to bring a date too.

My date went back to NJ a few months ago. And now I'm still thinking who I should bring along to the party. :)

takchek said...

Last Saturday. :)

You can go alone. You never know - someone might ask you for a dance there. It's always easier for the ladies.