Saturday, January 13, 2007

Chio babe and hot wheels

This morning I was overtaken on the Interstate by an Asian babe driving a hot new car (BMW 3-series convertible; the roof was down). This happened despite me already hitting 100 mph.

As I was telling PS, I became upset (aka buay song).

Hot chicks are supposed to be chauffeured, not to take behind the wheel! And leave us men behind in the dust. I ended up trying to decide between drooling at her or her car.

Not surprisingly, PS's response was...


aglassofwine said...

you are such a mcp!!!!

sugarami said...

Maybe you should get a new car? :P

Paladin said...

don't get a new car...can zhng ur car until you can drive as fast as her anot?

then you can talk to her, and charm her into letting YOU drive her car. That way, got chai + car. win-win.

daftbitch said...

Let me laugh it out first : hahaha..

A girl should be chauffeured. Correct
But i love to drive too... have you not seen anyone that drives and is chio? I understand the odds of that is quite low in Singapore, but nonetheless a remote possibility is still there.

Time to change a car... how about that Mcoupe?