Saturday, November 05, 2005

Creative Grad School Recruitment Posters; Physics of Breast Supports;

The Graduate School Recruiting

Aside from recruiting top faculty, the most important method for insuring quality graduate programs is recruiting excellent students. - Lynne Goodstein, Associate Dean, Graduate School, Penn State

Most of the graduate school recruitment brochures I have seen so far are the boring sort which focus mainly on the department's strengths, like the size of their faculty, number of awards won (NSF, CAREER, Nobel laureates etc), the amount of the department's external funding, and the type of research/advanced equipment it has on campus. Among the top engineering schools (in the US), the most innovative ones I have seen are those recruitment posters from Carnegie Mellon. The two below are among my favorites.

CMU Recruiting Poster 2000
2000 poster

CMU Recruiting Poster 2002
2002 poster

The rest can be found here.

The Lamond lab at Dundee in UK has another, although it belongs to a PI rather than the department.



The physics of breast supports, either bras or the strapless evening gown, explained.

Thanks to e pur si muove for the link to the first.

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